hearsay gossip rumors slander

Hearsay is inadmissible in a court of law usually.  That means something that someone told you.  Gossip is considered hearsay.  Slander is also hearsay.  The difference between slander and hearsay is intent.  If you know you’re lying, it’s slander.  If you don’t, it’s hearsay and hopefully won’t be allowed in court.


Malicious slander nonetheless influences some people’s opinions.  If those people are important or work in some capacity for the governement, it can be disastrous.  I know.  Plus some people have purposefully lied to police officers and higher in the government about me, trying to frame me for some crime.  I was even told by those people that they were specifically trying to frame me for some crime.  Add to that breaking into my house on the regular and the end results may be disastrous.


I don’t have some important or connected last name nor are my relatives wealthy.  That counts a lot, unfortunately so I don’t know what to do.  Hearsay/rumors/slander has already influenced some police officers.  Since no one else reported certain crimes or any, I was seen as crazy.  Now I am not allowed to call the police or they will arrest me for abusing 911.  Seriously.  Just because I live in a high crime area where few people call the police doesn’t mean the crimes I reported didn’t happen.  It’s just not fair and it’s so frustrating.  I care about people’s safety and well being.  I know it’s hard for the police but it’s also hard to call and explain the situation and then nothing can be done because guilty people lie or the police can’t do anything because of the constraints of the law. WTF?  I can’t go around solving crimes or whatever.  Gah.  I hate the way the world is sometimes when criminals flourish and just have to lie to cover up and even lie about innocent people such as myself and others.  I get tortured for Christ’s sake and everyone ignores it and knows.  They listen when I’m exploited.  That in turn, causes more crimes against me and mine as people may act on the lies and think I do not have unusual circumstances.  I have to talk and answer questions while being tortured or I will be murdered.  I’m supposed to talk ALL the time.  Shit.  I HAVE to in order to save my own life.  Thanks every criminal or whatever they call themselves.  THANKS A LOT.

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