Today is one of the bad days, although it didnt start yet but well let me start at the beginning…

so yesterday my father traveled for work and my mother and i decided to meet her friends in a cafe nearby, let call the main cause of my anger and disappointment mary, so this mary has been my mums friend for over 7 years, i really love her so much although sometimes she can be such a bitch! anyways we went to the cafe and meet mary and 2 others, later on we decided to go to a mall and then since my father wasn’t home we went to marys house and spent the rest of the evening through to the next day (which is today) with her and one of the other women, it was really a very fun night we laughed a lot and joked and order food…. through the middle if the night we were talking about making plans to go for breakfast together on another day… while mary and my mother were discussing i thought y not go today, so i suggested that we go to breakfast together and all i received was agreement. Then the morning came and i wish it didnt! we went out for breakfast and then for some unknown reason this mary turned in me, to be fair i was kind of in a bad mood for not sleeping for more than 24 hours but i was polite. mum started talking about problems with my father and ofc i cant interfere for they r grown women talking and to them i am just a kid so i kept silent, mary kept on throwing mean words about my father which i immensely dislike but again what can i say when my mother is right there so i kept quiet but after my mood started to improve i got really mad at what she was saying and how she was trying to turn my mother on my father! dont get me wrong i and not saying that my father doesnt make mi skates but well in the end he is a human! as the time passed it got worse and i couldnt control my face expressions any longer, i was looking at her ith distaste and a rude remark might have slipped through my mouth but then i fixed it by laughing it of and acting as if it was a joke, IT WASNT! then mary tried to  turn my mom against me!!! she kept on pointing out things that i did wrong and was like oh u should punish ur girl when u go home maybe a slap or sth and make sure to take a video of it and send it to me, thats what she told my mother!! although it might have been in a joking manner but it annoyed me so much, like after trying to turn my mom on my dad now u want her to turn on me??? thing that made me even more shocked and annoyed is that my mother kept silent!! she didnt even comment on the way mary was speaking to me and throwing words around! mind  u i previously told my mother that i dont like it when people i cant reply bk to talk bad to me and she doesnt reply! who is wrong who is right i dont know! all of marys words were in a joking manner but this is a totally unacceptable form of joking at least to me! i thought about avoiding her but i live in a society where i have to go with my mother whenever she goes to meet her friends just because!  i hate how my mum doesnt defend me I HATE IT! i mean come the fucking on i am ur daughter.

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