Life RN.

I feel like trash because around my family all they ever do is make me feel like i’m worthless pretty much my nephew or brother talks to me like their better than I am. My nephew is thirteen years old and my brother is thirty they always talk about how i’m overweight that it’s my fault being where I am today. I won’t lie it is partly my fault to where I am today but always having people tell me how I messed up and made mistakes. It makes me feel less of a person and more of a joke to everyone around me I get made fun of by my entire family besides my cousins or uncles and aunt who I never see. My nephew always complains about my parents helping me out because I don’t have a job he says I should move out and give him my room. I’m too old to live here he doesn’t see why my parents put up with me or help me out he always makes jokes telling me i’m a n word even though i’m white. I’m not racist he says that even though his step dad is black he acts very immature for his age to be honest. I wish there was someone who could straighten him out he tells me to shut up all the time or talks down to me and talks over me. It’s to the point where I can’t even stand being around him because I end up feeling like a worthless piece of crap or start crying even my seven or eight year old niece is hard to be around. My niece she’s always screaming or calling me names and talking to me like my nephew does but if she’s by herself she’s somewhat controllable to be around. I don’t try to be mean toward them but sometimes it gets to point where I say something back but it never ever helps because they just find it funny. No one ever says anything to them whenever they make me feel like crap about myself my dad or brother stay on their phones and my mom sleeps while they talk to me the way. They do every time it’s the same and they say sorry sometimes but their right back to what they were doing a few minutes later. My oldest niece we think she’s been doing stuff she shouldn’t be doing with her step brother but we’ve tried telling her mom my sister but she never listens to us. My niece has been talking to like two older guys which I don’t approve of but I can’t stop her cause she never listens to me and her mom won’t even do anything about it. My sister is to worried about her drugs or buddies and her husband than being there for her kids when they need her to be. I get annoyed and frustrated because I feel like I can’t ever spend time with my own parents without my sister dropping her kids off here everday. My mom agreed to let them get off the bus here in the evening time in December but it’s been almost three months of them getting off here everyday. I wouldn’t mind if it was one or two days but everyday when they always make me feel like shit bothers me I feel like I have no time to even breathe. My brother has a daughter who’s eight months old him and his fiance always leaves their daughter with my mom or with his fiance’s mom. My brother and his fiance though always uses my mom whenever his fiance is over she always makes my mom watch the baby if my mom doesn’t she acts like she gets pissed off. My mom can even just get up to try use the bathroom my brother and his fiance will act like they get mad at her there’s been times where my mom will be watching the baby. But the baby gets tired she doesn’t have her own room to lay her down in the baby’s bed is in my brother’s bedroom and my brother or his fiance gets mad if my mom goes to lay her down in her bed. They pretty much act like my mom is supposed to hold the baby all day and not even lay her down to sleep in her own bed or even to go to bed at night. 

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