When you first read the title above, what do you have in mind? Would you also think of something like this?

“What’s with the cynicism?”

It all depends on whom we talk to – and also on which occasion and context. Whether it’s our loved ones, closest friends, or even some authority figures at some formal institutions (school, work, you name it) willing to help.

Or so they claim to.

Before we look at others, let’s check the mirror first. Do we really mean it when we tell people the same? Are we really ready to hear their stories, what they have to say?

Things can get really tricky here. Most parents have to deal with this regarding their children. (That, if they really care.) In fact, many of them might change these phrases into: “You should tell me everything!”

How ready are they? Is it true that unconditional love exists? Is it always there, especially if they claim it is?

Best friends are like the siblings of your own choice, some say. They’ll stick up for you through thick and thin. Hopefully, you’ll always do the same for them.

Do they mean it when they convince you to tell them anything? Will they always do so?

How about you? Will you do the same too? The answers will be the test of your friendship.

It’s also the same with relationships. Is it true that both of you really love each other that much? How ready are you for some brutal honesty from one another?

Will you still love him despite his shady past? Will you still love her, once knowing that you are not her first?

Then, how about the authority figure? It can also get very challenging here. One false move and you’re (ushered) out the door.

“You can tell me anything.”

Perhaps it’s true. There’s nothing solid that can hold you back. Just say the words. Let it all out.

Still, beware of the catch.

Come to think of it, perhaps they really mean it when they urge you to tell them anything. In reality, it’s all about how they respond to what you have told them. It’s from how well they take it.

Still, what would you say?


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