Pure Joy!

I am so happy!  Today I got my collection of 6 short stories spiral-bound with a clear cover and a border on the front.  It totaled about 100 pages.  Now I have a chapbook of my poems, my stories, and my newest novel is spiral-bound.  My inspirational book is published, and my first ever novel is published (self).  My book The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson is available on Amazon, if anyone would like to buy it.  It’s a light-hearted, life-filled, miracle filled autobiography.  It is short and easy to read.  Also available on Kindle for a very low price. 3 dollars and some change, I think.  I love writing! Even editing and revising.  I love how my fingers feel drumming a keyboard.  I love my readers!  I am so happy to finally have my work collected and safe from getting lost in my messy house.  I have learned that writers and musicians (I write music, too) are lousy housekeepers.  The worst.  Lousy cooks, too.  At least I am.  I don’t know about everyone else.  My poetry has original watercolors interspersed with original poems; it’s very effective.  My “adopted” son (not legally) told me to remember Pride goeth before a fall.  I am not proud like arrogant at all.  I am just so happy and grateful !!!

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