sex life

I told Ian last Saturday that I loved him during a fight.  He didn’t repeat it back but his behavior and attitude did a 180 on me.  Every since he’s been super affectionate, always smiles at me, holds hands, kisses me whether we are home in private or out in public where his friends can see.  The problem….our sex life has totally ceased to exist.  Every time I bring it up he says it’s him and he can’t always get it up.  He agreed to take over the counter ED medication.  I told him I would buy it.  On some level I’m afraid he won’t be willing to take it due to lack of interest.  And yes I’ve thought of slipping it into his drink or food.  Tonight looks like one of those nights that he will sleep until about midnight and be up until dawn and go back to sleep and sleep all day.  It’s been almost a week since he even touched me in a sexual way.  I initially decided not to approach him and maybe he would approach me, which he didn’t.  This afternoon I decided to approach him again and he promptly went to bed and sleep that was 5 hours ago.  I know he’s awake because I crawled in bed with him and he opened his eyes and looked at me.  I put my arm around him and he hugged it.  He hasn’t let me see him naked in over a week.  He hasn’t time to mess around with anybody in person.  Now I’m starting to realize that maybe he’s having cybersex with his last girlfriend.  I’m afraid to touch his phone to check and see because the last time I did he claimed I left the app open.  I know I didn’t.  I picked his phone up the second time and the app popped open on its own which makes me believe his phone has some sort of virus or another app to make it pop open again.  I have a friend that’s telling me its because of stress but I can’t help but wonder.  What do I do?  I don’t want to accuse him of something he’s not doing.  This was one of the first signs my ex husband was cheating on me.  How do I prove it one way or the other?

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