The weekend didn’t start off so great. I get a call Saturday morning that my nephew,niece and her boyfriend were in a bad car accident. My niece and her boyfriend walks away with just scratches while my nephew got the most injuries. They hit a wall,splitting car in two pieces. My nephew was thrown from the car. He received a broken bone in his nose, staples in his head, sprain wrist, possibly broken, and brush burns.  He’s been in alot of pain.  Police report says speeding but they say they weren’t.  When I recieved the news I almost cried.  My nephew might be 18 but he’s s still my buddy.  We use to do lots together. I don’t know what we would do if something should of happened to him. Now he’s scared to even get in a car. Car accidents happen everyday taking lives of young ones. Is it really worth speeding?. We could have lost him. I know someone was watching over them.   I’m so glad it wasnt worse.

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