[226] ~*Wed – 03/21/18*~

[6:12 pm]

Well, that’s how you waste a day off. I went to sleep around 4 am on Mon night cause I wanted to get caught up on shows and then I HAD to finish the book I was reading. That said, it was almost 4 am when I finally took my pill to sleep. At that time, I also wrote an email to my mom and to the funeral home cause I had a moment of panic. They finally sent me the picture of my big bro’s tombstone and I had agreed that it was perfect and they could order it but then of course, me being me, I had a moment of panic and wasn’t sure the thing I wrote on it was good enough. I wrote back to the funeral home saying that they needed to wait and for her to tell me if it was good enough. My mom said it was but I’m still not sure about it and the girl from the funeral home hasn’t contacted me back so I’m not too sure what’s going on. I really hate being perfectionist.

So anyways, I slept until 7 pm yesterday. I just didn’t wanted to get out of bed. I did a few times to go pee and that was it. At 3 pm I was sure I was going to get up but hub went to bed and I just followed him. We had planned on going to see a movie at seven but of course that’s when I woke up and looked at the time. We still went for the showing of 9:30 and we went to the restaurant for wings before. We went to see A Wrinkle In Time which I was sorta disappointed with as I thought I would enjoy it more. It was good up until the kids were left on their own, then it was just, I don’t know. I just didn’t enjoyed it as I thought I would and I had been wanting to really see it in theater. Oh well!

After that I watched a few shows, played on my farming game and headed to bed to read a bit before sleeping. I was scared I’d have a hard time falling asleep due to all the sleeping I had done during the day but in the end it wasn’t too bad. I actually puked twice before bed so I think that kinda tired me out. I was doing so well as I hadn’t puked the day before. So much for that. It’s getting better but not fast enough.

Today when I got to my first client, she wasn’t there. She had forgotten to call to cancel. Blah! So I went and got some McDonald’s for me and my friend and went to her place. I went out with my second client and my third one cancelled which she never does so now I’m wondering what’s wrong. I always worry about my clients when they cancelled and never do.

So I got home two hours early tonight and of course, I will waste them. I sorta wanted to do my nails cause they look horrible but I need to take a shower and wash my hair. That said, if I do my nail before, I will prob just end up screwing them up when I’d be washing my hair. I’d have to do them after but I don’t want to take a shower right now, I feel it’s too early for a shower. I’m currently doing some laundry. I’d want to wash the bed sheets since I’m here early but of course hub is sleeping and who knows how long he will be sleeping. I think I should maybe buy a second set of sheets.

I guess I will just take the evening easy and try to relax. I just feel that I’ve been so darn lazy. Over doing it when you’re sick doesn’t help either and that’s my biggest problem. I don’t allow myself to be sick and don’t give my body time to ever heal itself.




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