My mom doesn’t think I should cut toxic people out of my life. 

She thinks I should just pull back from those people. 

I think I should remove them from my world entirely. 

I give my all to the people I think are good people, and when they turn out to be completely different from who I thought, I nix them. 

Maybe that’s short sighted. 

Maybe it’s self-preservation. 


2 thoughts on “Cut-em-out.”

  1. I understand where ma is coming from. I did the same thing and eventually I looked around and saw no one. I removed everyone. No ones perfect people make mistakes. Distance is good. Please don’t burn bridges. You never know when you’ll cross it again.

  2. Toxic is a strong word. It’s true we’re all imperfect. But if certain people are truly toxic to you, dragging you down, or encouraging you to drink or do drugs or casual sex, you need to cut them out completely I think.

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