First day

     Today is the second day of my spring college class. It is a late start so it is only about a month thank goodness. My classmates all look like adults, mean while I’m just some barely 17 girl. It was scary because i had to rent out the needed textbooks but i lost my id card and i almost cried but i found it and was able to get my books yay.

     Today i have class again, all Mondays, Wednesday’s, and fridays. Im a little bit stressed because my idiot brother said he could take me during when im attending highschool as well, but of course, he bailed last minute because he misunderstood the times. So now i need to find someone to give me rides or else my mom is going to have to get off work to take me. And me being a huge ass introvert, i wont aak anyone unless i know them.

     Right now im working on homework but i cant really focus much because i keep daydreaming and doodling haha oopss. I made some acquaintances in class. This one dude was from Wisconsin and was asking me more about my major (fish and wildlife) because he wants that too.

     This other guy was some white guy and was telling me my major sounded cool, but what made it awkward was that he asked me if i was one of those people who yells at other drivers while driving and i was like , bro…i dont even know how to drive yet lol. He just stayed quiet as if i didn’t say anything but oh well at least i got to talk to people 🙂

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