So no one knows who i am, and Probabaly never will 🙁 but anyways here is some stuff you should know about me.

     I am a 17yo girl living in the desert part of TX. I live close to the border of Mexico. I am mexican american but i wish i was just american sometimes. My dna test from Ancestry says i am 45%nativeamerican, 16%Italian/Greek, and 15%British. 

     I am an INFP, im shy and introverted, lazy, daydreamer. 

     I own a 2yr blue betta (davie). Two yorkies. Luna is 2yr and is light silver and blonde. Bruno 7mon is dark grey and brown. I used to have a wiener/chihuahua named mimi but she got run over. Leena was a germanshep/lab but past away at 15yr. I had a red betta but he died too. And we had a hamster but she got squashed by a car lol. I had wanted a cat but my larrnts got a Luna instead :/ its like whatever

     I am pansexual, i say that because i dont care about gender when it comes to love. Like if you love someone, juat be with that person. Ive never been in a relationship before. The closest was qith some guy but as we started hanging out more i started seeing his true self, which was clingy and possessive. I still respect him but i just wouldnt want to be with him.

   I like old things, like music, art, and culture sometimes. I love countries and geography and languages. I love anime,kpop, manga, manhwa, manha. I love memes like they keep from killing myself. I love sushi,liquorice, milk, qhite rice, Asian food, and enchiladas. I love spending time for myself. I love writing stories and drawing. I love watching cool movies.

   I can speak Spanish, English(obviously), and German. I am learning more German, Russian, and sometimes German Sign language.

     Ive been playing the piano for 3yrs. The violin for 6yrs. I am learning how to play drums now.

     I have alot of strength for my size(5’1). I once got detention for hitting a guy and making him bleed and cry in 8th grade. Not that im proud of it. I am flexible too, i know how to do the splits and a scorpion. 

     I love hockey, figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, running, and sleep haha. Ive always wantex to learn self defense and martial arts and wanted to enter ufc but my mom said no because im a girl(😤😒 ugh)

     So yeah this is me 🙂 well most of it.

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