So no one knows who i am, and Probabaly never will but anyways here is some stuff about me.

     I am a 17yo living in texas. My dna test from Ancestry says i am 45%nativeamerican, 16%Italian/Greek, and 15%British. 

     I am an INFP, im shy and introverted, lazy, daydreamer, like to joke.

     I own a 2yr blue betta (davie). Two yorkies. Luna is 2yr and is light silver and blonde. Bruno 7mon is dark grey and brown. I used to have a wiener/chihuahua named mimi but she got run over. Leena was a germanshep/lab but past away at 15yr. I had a red betta but he died too. And we had a hamster but she got squashed by a car lol. I had wanted a cat but my larrnts got a Luna instead :/ its like whatever

     I am pansexual, i say that because i dont care about gender when it comes to love. Like if you love someone, juat be with that person. Ive never been in a relationship before. 

   I like old things, like music, art, and culture  I love countries and geography and languages. I love anime, kpop, manga, manhwa,  I love memes like they keep from killing myself. I love sushi, liquorice , milk, white rice, salmon, twizzlers, curry, fry bread, dots, steak, and frozen yogurt. I love spending time for myself. I love writing stories and drawing. I love watching cool movies.

   I can speak Spanish, English(obviously), and German. I am learning more German, Russian, italian, and sometimes German Sign language.

     Ive been playing the piano for 3yrs. The violin for 6yrs. 

     I have alot of strength for my size(5’1). I once got detention for hitting a guy and making him bleed and cry in 8th grade. Not that im proud of it. I am flexible too, i know how to do the splits and a scorpion. 

     I love running, and sleep haha. Ive always wanted to learn self defense and martial arts and wanted to enter ufc but my mom said no because im a girl. i was about to join football in middle school because i got recommended by the coach but that was also a no. 

     So yeah this is me like half.

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