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I recently celebrated a major birthday in Las Vegas 😍 it was an amazing trip! We went as a large group

and outside a bit of cattiness between us women from time to time it was the best vacation I’ve ever had! 

I looked good, won a few dollars and even had a bit of eye candy to flirt with! This was what every trip I’ve ever been on was supposed to be!

We left on a Thursday and returned Tuesday morning. I’m sure you’ve all heard about, been to Vegas or have even seen the movie Hangover. So we don’t need to go over the details just a couple key points.

Well prior to the trip I was on a losing streak. Performing mediocre at work. I’d been pulled over 5 times for minor infractions between December and February and my truck was struck by a young girl in her moms mini suv. 

It was a horrible few days. To say the least! I has also found out I would not be receiving any tax money because I had a student loan in default. As I previously mentioned pertaining to taxes, I’m not a scammer. I worked for that money. And had I been notified my payment plan had expired I would have continued to pay back my student loans.

So on top of everything else I found out I would be spending bill money instead of tax money in Vegas. Talk about devastated 😩

So here I am with all this negative stuff going on while I’m supposed to be on this high celebrating a monumental birthday and I’m miserable. I tried to stay positive but I was in a hole mentally and couldn’t see much light. 

Thru the darkness a former coworker whom also had his own woes going on made a status on Facebook which somehow compelled me to send him a message.

 I said something positive about online dating because he seemed to be having a hard time navigating it. I advised him about the site I was using and wished him luck.

As he had in the past he said we should get together for drinks to catch up. I agreed and we planned for the upcoming Friday. Keep in mind, if I do anything at all I always turn up with family on my birthday weekend. But I figured hey, I’ll see them in Vegas and it’s good company plus a free meal so why not.

I left work and got dressed at a friends apartment then met him downstairs. I hadn’t put in too much effort because he was a buddy. Our other former coworker, also male, is still one of my very best friends so I didn’t expect him to look at me in any sexual or Romantic way.

To be honest, while working together he had made a couple of comments hinting there was an attraction. One about a sexy pair of heels I wore one and one where he said all the ladies he worked with were so beautiful and I was one of the ladies he called by name.

 I had considered the notion he may be attracted but brushed it off because I often go out of my way to look a bit plain at work. I don’t want friendliness to be mistaken for flirting and when I put effort in I look amazing and guys flirt. I don’t want flirtation at work so I keep it cool on my end.

Anyway, we head to the restaurant chatting and making jokes all the way. When we arrived it was a short walk to a cozy indoor outdoor place with “community” seating in some areas. We sat at the outdoor bar and talked and tried different drinks for a few hours. 

I made a comment about enjoying being naked at home and how the boys just kinda of know to look away. Lol right?

I expected him to react the same way but he laughed and told how that put a sexual image in his head. At that point any confusion I’d had earlier that day as to whether this was a date or not were gone!

We were on a date! Cool. Not sure when, obliviously because of the drinks, but at some point I began flirting back and it was officially date mode. 

Money mention of a oily massage and I heard CHECK PLEASE! And we made our way back to his condo. He has a beautiful two bedroom condo which he’s still unpacking. But it was too chaotic and still very nice. 

I took me on a tour and somehow at some point my breasts went from my sweater to his mouth. Maybe not my finest moment being that we were in his walk in closet but I don’t care lol. It had been a long time and I had an amazing night and he was very sweet. Why not?!

Nipple suckling turned in to amazing oral sex which turned into wild animalistic soul stirring sex!😍

Even during the act I was surprised every step of the way! Is _____ really in my crotch? Does he really has his finger in my nether regions? Is he really behind me fucking me and pulling my hair? Am I really riding _____???! 

It was crazy! Afterwards we spooned and talked and I dozed off for a few minutes but he woke me because he had a trip in the morning and I did need to go home to my boys.

He wa sweet and sensitive and funny and complimented me repeatedly. On my way home I realized it could not have been the alcohol but a natural high from having such a good time with someone whom I felt valued the opportunity to spend time with me.

Had I not given him the green light at the restaurant he would have happily taken me home just happy to have spent time with me. 

Cut to the next day… 

If you’ve read any of my previous journals you may have read about a guy I was kinda dating from online. We’d gone out a bit but it fizzled out and was left on hiatus when I told him we should chill out because he kept canceling dates and it was starting to hurt my feelings. His excuses although valid we’re getting to be too much and I was feeling insecure.

Well yeah, that guy! Had reached out to me a couple of weeks prior and we kinda of rekindled a bit. No dates no hangouts at his apartment just texting and talking on the phone. We’d made plans to go out on my birthday weekend and reconnect. 

Saturday night comes and I’m still on a high from the night before with the surprise interaction with the former coworker.


Ok back to it… so I shaved EVERYTHING and beat my face (which means applied my makeup beautifully)! My hair was long straight and jet black (like he likes it). And I even put on lingerie under my clothes! My clothes which consisted of a sexy see thru black top and tight black pants with thigh high boots. 

The lingerie was thigh high black stockings with garters and a lace waist attachment to hold them up. I also wore a matching black Lacey panties and bra set. We can agree I looked damn good.

He picked me up and we went to dinner and several bars for drinks and dancing. Obviously as the night went on the dancing got racy and we headed black to his apartment for a night cap amongst other things…

We played a sexy board game he had and a sexy game of roulette I’d installed on my phone for just the occasion. We laughed and talked and he even ordered me more lingerie I’d been wanting for my birthday.

It was a great night but I was ready for more! I slowly made my way into his room and took my pants off pretending to be tired. I laid on his bed and waited for him. 

Mind you, he’s always been the aggressor. He’s very chill but sexually he’s super aggressive so his move may have thrown him off. He came into the room and turned on the light which annoyed me. 

I was thinking umm hello it’s time idiot let’s go! Now maybe it was the drinks that led to this misunderstanding but he stood over me and asked “What are you doing?” I said “Laying down, I’m tired.” 

He said “But you’re in my bed.” I said “And?” Queue misunderstanding… 

Him: You’re laying in my bed what’s this?

Me: Ok what? Am I not supposed to be here?

Him: Oh now you’re going to get an attitude???

Me: *getting up* It’s fine, I don’t have an attitude. I’ll just get up.

I get up slide my pants back on and hear back into the living room. I sit on the sofa and begin to stare at my phone. When I look up, he’s sitting in his recliner, also staring at his phone but with an annoyed and pissed look on his face.

At this point I just felt super low. I quietly requested an Uber and when they arrived left without a word. He did not follow. Did not call to see where I had gone or check to see if I had made it home. 

I texted him the next day and told him he’d made me feel really low and unwanted. He advised I was drunk and the night did not go as I remembered. We haven’t spoken much since but I do wonder if the night went the way I really remember or the way he remembers or a bit of both.

My gifts arrived while I was in Vegas and I had ordered a gift for him the same night with his favorite team logo on it. I thanked him, he thanked me and outside of that our conversations that were once daily have again faded. So who knows what will happen.

Now, while in Vegas…

One of my cousin’s who went is married and her husbands uncle (young uncle)… lives in Vegas. He had previously visited and flirted a bit but I thought I’d never see him again so I didn’t think much of it. 

But here we were… in Vegas and there he was a beautiful as he was when we first met months prior. Deep sexy eyes. Medium shoulder length locs and a smile to die for!😍

He greeted and said goodbye to me with hugs and on the one night I got black out drunk I later found out he’d planned to stay on the strip for the night get drunk and stay in my room. 

This was a bummer to find out. One because I had planned to use my tax money to get my own room instead of adhering to the reservation I had to stay in the room with my mom🙄

Well we know that couldn’t happen but also, my “aunt” had come into town the day before we left and ladies… we know what that means. She was very easy on me the entire trip but she did show up and pissed me the hell off🤬🤬🤬

The young uncle and I flirted every time we saw one another and exchanged numbers to keep in touch. He vowed to come back to the city soon and my mind has been racing since.

Some of you may be thinking why not give the former coworker a shot? Well I am… but we’re both pretty clear it’s a really good friendship relationship and that’s good for me. 

We even talked about the uncle and although he was happy to hear I was on my cycle in Vegas and unable to sleep with another guy he did listen intently and I was grateful. He even told me about a girl he’d met on his trip as well. 

We went out again and hooked up again since I returned and have plans for an overnight when he returns from the week long trip he’s on now. He’s very attentive and sweet and I’ll admit good for my ego but not in a “I’m out of his league” way. In a really good friend I just happen to be fucking regularly way! Lol

I still want to see the uncle again and do some very dirty and crazy things with him at least once! And my pooh who drives me crazy will eventually reach out or I will because he is really nice to talk to daily and we do have fun. I honestly did feel like crap when the gifts arrived and we were on sorta bad terms. 

So my dating life is alright for now. How I can keep it this was idk. I don’t want to crash and burn but I also don’t want to force encounters past their expiration dates. 

I guess we’ll see🤷🏾‍♀️😎

thanks for reading 😘😘😘


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