He’s been absolutely wonderful for that last 2 days.  I finally figured out what was causing the problem.  You’re not going to believe me if I tell you.  I am a pagan and I believe in magic.  Not like in Harry Potter but magic that cannot be seen.  I had been looking to have a love spell cast on Ian and one to separate him from the bitch since I believe his heart belongs to me.  I had a guy contact me and tell me about a man that had cast a spell for him and it worked really well.  So, I contacted him.  He said he charged $85.  I had a psychic friend tell me there was a male presence between Ian and I driving a wedge between us.  I had only contacted one male….I contacted him and told him to stop and he got mad.  I had already decided to not use him because he had gotten squirrelly on me and wouldn’t give me his address to send the money via Western Union.  They won’t send money to just a nation, you have to have an address.  Then he threatens me and Ian.  Physical violence and then to hex us.  I sent my animal guides to protect Ian.  In the mean time something happened and Ian started acting like a mean drunk which is seriously not in his character.  I had that  friend cast a protection spell on Ian and I yesterday.  Ian’s drinking didn’t stop but the meanness did.  Ian has been absolutely wonderful the last 2 days.  Kind, gentle and actually looking for sex, he came at me constantly yesterday.

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