[227.1] ~*Thu – 03/22/18*~

[10:53 pm]

I was just on crisis mode but I finally calmed down. Bleh! It’s snowing over here and of course I’m the one who went outside to shovel and clean the car so hub could go work. I made him call the people that clean our driveway to say he had to leave for work and see if they could come clean the driveway which they did. Hub never came outside to help me out and once they came and cleaned the driveway I got inside to yell at him to get his ass ready. I told him that he better get his ass to work since they had came just for us as they cleaned our driveway and left without cleaning the others.

I kept shoveling and cleaning around the cars and started cleaning the other car cause I wanted to move it so they could clean where the car was when they’d be coming back. Hub left for work with my car and I was trying to get the other car out of the way but of course, I got stuck. I tried putting salt and kitty litter to get me out which I sorta did but gosh, what a mess I made. I got myself all crooked and almost in the damn house. I was getting out of where I was stuck but just got stuck again while facing the house cause I had to try and get beside the snowbank. Arg! I got so very upset that I called hub at work crying. I try so very hard to get everything done and this just happens. He told me to leave the car there but it’s driving me crazy cause it’s so very crooked and like, almost in the damn house. I then called my friend and talked to her for like an hour to calm down. I just also got super upset cause I’m always the one doing everything. Hub was the one going to work and I’m the one who went outside, cleaned the car and cleaned the driveway so he could get out. I even made a pathway for him from the steps to the car so he wouldn’t have to walk in the snow. I just feel that I do everything around here and that I am just taken from granted. I mean, I stayed outside for more than an hour to try and get everything cleaned. I always try to move the cars so the guy can clean the whole driveway. Hub surely doesn’t bother with that which is exactly why I am stuck where I am right now. He doesn’t bother to move the cars so where he parks, it doesn’t get clean. He always says he will take the snowblower and clean it but he never does it. That said, that snow sorta melted and made a patch of ice and it’s why I can’t move the freaking car right now, it’s on the ice. Arg! I know he will laught at me tomorrow when he sees the car and it’s just making me super upset cause I just try so hard. I feel that I am super woman, I always do everything when he doesn’t do a thing. I mean, he got dressed, got out the house, got in the car and left. I did all the work so he could get out. I was so exhausted and wet when I finally decided I had enough and got back in the house. I will have to straighten my hair again cause it’s all over the place right now due to getting wet by the snow. It also wouldn’t surprise me that I get sick again with all of this. Blah! I need to stop talking about it or I will get super upset all over again.

While I was talking with my friend the guy came back in the Court to clean the other driveways and didn’t even bother coming back in mine. Blah! He could of cleaned more where my car was parked when he first came but he didn’t even bother so maybe I would of took the car out for nothing. My friend said I had to look at it that way. Meh! So while he was going around cleaning other people driveways, the plow came by so basically, everyone he had just done had their end of driveway full again. He didn’t even bother cleaning people’s end of driveway, he just left. I’m completely baffled! He didn’t bother making sure people’s driveways were clean, he just totally left. I guess it’s not like I’m going anywhere with my car that’s almost in the house. Blah! I still can’t believe myself. I tried to get that car out so damn bad and just ended up making it worse.

So yea, I’m glad my nails were at least dry enough that I didn’t screw them up with my hour of physical work in mits, all sweaty. I also thought of something. When I had done my nails two weeks ago, it was the exact same thing. I did my nails and the very same night I had to get outside and shovel some snow. Seems like I do my nails when there’s a storm outside. Once again, I’m just glad it didn’t end up screwing them cause then I would be super pissed off as they look so pretty. Sad thought, I know they won’t stay that pretty for long, especially on Sun when I have to work at the store. I wonder if I could work with some gloves so I don’t screw them. Hehe! Now that I think about it, I should of waited for Tue to do them since I don’t work at the store the following Sun. Oh well!

With all of that excitement, it’s getting late and I didn’t even finish watching my shows. I wanted to put away the dishes and laundry but that will wait another day now. I’d have to head to bed pretty soon and get some sleep since I have a very long day tomorrow. The storm’s suppose to last until 7 am so I’m pretty sure I won’t be having any cancellation as I only starts at 9 am.




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