[227] ~*Thu – 03/22/18*~

[4:22 pm]

We’re getting hit with a storm right now. I’m glad I’m home cause it’s pretty terrible. I got out this morning and it was still nice. My 1-4 cancelled so I did my 4-6 earlier which I’m glad cause even at 1:30 pm it was getting pretty bad out there. Of course this one client never comes out, she always sends me to do her grocery for her but today, out of every day, she decides to go out. She bought for like $200 so that was a lot of grocery to get out of the car, in a storm. My client even fell and I just felt terrible. I was glad once I was home cause you could barely see on the roads. I backed up the car in the driveway and I was about to give up cause I couldn’t see anything and had no idea how close I was to the other car. Spring oh lovely Spring!

I decided to get rid of my nail polish and now I’m debating on which color I want to do now. I just did a clear coat and will see what I decides. I had painted my nail green and pink for like Easter but I realize now that Easter is still 10 days away so I was a bit quick on that one. I normally keep my nail polish for like a month, until it’s super bad and I start peeling it off. This time it was only two weeks and I just cleaned it up with the nail polish remover. For some reason, I’m just trying really hard to keep my nails the length they are right now and if I don’t paint them, I know I will end up cutting them cause they are already driving me crazy. I used to have long nails all the time. My mom would call them the witch nails. Now, I can’t. I always cut them the shortest I can but when I do that, I can’t really paint them cause I end up painting more of my fingers than my nails. Haha!

Anyways, I don’t think I will accomplish much today. I will prob just sit here, watch some shows and play on my farming game. I might wash the bed sheets, deepening on when hub gets out of bed. I’m still taking it easy as I’m still sick but I’m getting better. It’s just when it comes time to go to bed that it seems to be the worse. I’m still seeing the doc next week so hopefully if I’m not totally fine, he’ll be able to give me something to get rid of what’s left. Darn! That just reminded me that I wanted to get some sinus thing today cause I’m out and totally forgot. Well, I surely ain’t going back out.




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