It’s getting easier

It’s getting better. He lives less than 200 yrds for where i park my car everyday. I can see his house when i pull in everyday. It used to be automatic to check for his bedroom lights. I fotget to look now. I dont go places anymore just because he might be there. I still look for him everywhere i go but im not going out if my way anymore. That’s something right? Or no? I know it sounds like im a damn stalker but im not. I spent the last 3 months hoping and wishing for some more contact but it didnt happen. Im not devistated just a little sad that our time together obviously ment more to me than him. I think that happens alot though. A small moment or gesture means the world to you and litterally was nothing to the other person. I’m ok though. I think alot of people let themselves but really and truly hurt by these misinterpreted moments. I saw him yesterday just taking a walk but i was at work and couldn’t say hi or even wave. Those missed opportunities still irritate me and i look for him more but it fades quickly. Again just want to talk it out and i can’t. So it’s out here anonymously for everyone. So i need to get this out of my system soo…. I love you and i miss you so much!

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