Pain management and the people in our lives

Today I went to a pain management class and even before I got there I was getting attention from people. I drive a bright blue Acura RSX and I was letting out a little frustration and was driving fast that helped with my frustration today. I’ve been very frustrated with the amount of pain I’ve been in for weeks. I’m taking meds for the pain, but I’ve been in the hospital for it 3 times in the past 2 weeks. It was soo bad we had to call 911. It was soo scary. I’ve never been in so much pain even with the fall I had where I had a grade 3 concussion. It was a horse fall. But that’s besides the point. So I’m trying to deal with this pain, I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I’m up till 3 every night because I can’t sleep. Star Stables and Diablo 3 have been quite handy in this as I can play them and not have to think about the pain I”m in though sometimes it dosn’t work but at least I can try. So I’m on my way and I get to the building and the guys directs me to the under garage to park, I had my dog in the car with me so I think he was looking at her but he was kind of staring at me. So I parked and walked to the elevator and the guy directed me to the one that is not a service elevator. When I got there the guy looked at my sweat shirt which has the next generation Enterprise on it and opened the door for me. When I finally got the right info to go to the class from where you check in to the pain management desk I approached the elevator and a guy in a wheel chair was wheeled up a nice black guy asked if I could take him up to the physical therapy department. We had a very nice conversation and he had fallen out of bed and hurt his ankles and I felt bad because I’ve done the same thing but I broke my arm instead. Not even sure how I did that but I simpathized with him. Even though I was late it was worth it to have such a nice interaction with the man. Then I went to the only desk I could see and he showed me where the class was. I felt very insecure because when I walked in everyone looked at me. I was probably the youngest person there. I’ve had people say that I’m too young for pain and that I”m just making it up to make sure I get attention. I know for a fact that it dosen’t matter how old you are. People can have pain at any age and things can happen in your life too to cause pain. IT DOSE NOT MATTER! We are all here together. If more people understood that and were nice things would move much more smoothly. Anyway, the class in general was mostly things I had already known, we did a breathing exercise that I have done before, it did calm me down but also made me more aware of my pain. The chair were not very comfortable.  Any way we paired up after she had been talking for a while and I meet a very nice older lady. She was my moms age in her 70’s and she was soo nice. It really made my day. We talked about the hospitals we had been to and our experiences there. We both agreed the main hospital in southernish San Francisco is the best we have both been too and both really liked how we were treated there. They actually seemed to want to help you and that was a nice change from other places where they just want to fill you with pills and push you out the door (Kaiser Permanente) Anyway after the class was done she gave me a hug and her husband thanked me for talking with her. I’ve never been thanked before for talking to someone. They were both sooo nice and sweet. I wish more poeple was like that. If they were this planet would be such a great place. Anyways so when I was headed out the guy who opened the elevator said good bye to me. And watched me drive away. I think it was the best people interactions in one day I’ve ever had in my 35 years. It was one nice person after another, maybe we aren’t so hopeless. I’m praying that more things like this happen to more people. It’s important that we all work together and today I saw that. It was a great change from the depressing things that are happening these days. I keep thinking of Sudan, the last male white rhino died 2 days ago. It’s sad that so many animals are going extinct. It just adds to my depression so today I think really helped show me that there is hope out there and for us. 

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  1. I’m so thankful that you had an encouraging day. No, your pain is not made up! It is very real and you are brave to endure it. I will pray for you. HUGS!

  2. Thank you savedbygrac I am very glad as well. Thank you for believing that it’s real. I have to deal with people saying I’m making things up almost every day. It’s really sad. I really appreciate that thank you, I’ll take any prayers and hugs at this point. They really do help and make things better =)

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