April 2nd I will be going for a partial Hysterectomy.  I’m scared. Found out my deductible will be over $500. I don’t know how I will pay it but have try payments because I don’t have that kind of money . We pay so much for insurance and still have to pay out of pocket. What’s the point of paying for insurance if still have to pay out if pocket?   I have to have the surgery though. I don’t want another infection .It’s a big decision.  I never had surgery before.  I can’t wait until it’s over. It’s out patient .They going through my belly button. Some say take a week to feel better,others said it wss nothing.  Felt just fine day after. I don’t know what to expect. Just scared.

2 thoughts on “Scared.”

  1. They’re doing it vaginally. It’s either that or cut you open …and trust me you don’t want to get cut open. You’ll heal up faster. Here’s some advise that was given me when I had mine 15 years ago…..get up moving as quickly as possible. I was suppose to be in the hospital 3 days and was released 36 hours later. I was even able to go back to work probably 6 to 12 weeks earlier than I would have been had they cut me open. You’ll feel 500 percent better after you heal up.

  2. It’s out patient. Going through my belly button. Might have shoulder pain because they put gas inside the stomach doctor told me.

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