St Louis Bread Co./Panera S. Broadway/7th Street

OK so now some white older man is talking to an AA man in a purple button down shirt and tie and lying about me.  I am so tempted to go over there and tell him to stop lying about me.  For fuck’s sake, this has been going on for 9 years!  All these men and women and even children, go to important people and lie their heads off about me and sometimes my mom!  Fuck this shit.


I guess people weren’t kidding when they said they were going to frame me for whatever crime(s) and would lie to police officers.  It’s higher up than that I suspect from who people talk to who are in plain clothes with no badge.  I know it sounds weird maybe I don’t have time (while I am dying) to go into details and write ALL the instances throughout the years.  I don’t even know the crap they claim I know.  THEY DO.  Fuck guilty people and their low down dirty violent plans and lying coverups.  Really, I’ll be murdered while everyone runs their mouths and people are allegedly abused.  If you report it to authorities, you get called crazy.  Well a few will and the rest won’t, but then it’s too late as you’re silenced by the ones who want to say you’re crazy.



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