The power of setting intentions.

It was March 19th, 2018; around 20:00 or so, that I sat in my sacred space with the intention, to set an intention. It was a beautiful night. The new moon was quietly hovering in the sky, allowing time for us to reflect on the year thus far. I took a moment to meditate, and welcome my guides. I then thought of my hearts true desire of what I wanted, but mostly needed in my life at this moment to move forward with my goals. I then wrote those intentions down and set out to ask the universe to provide. 

Before this, on March 16th, I had applied to a few jobs in a whole new city. I dare say my future is riding on this job, but it kind of is. For the goals that I have set in place for this year, it starts with a job in this new city. This job, whatever it may be, will provide me with the means to move, and to continue classes at the new university I will be going to. If these said classes can be taken in the time frame I have planned out for myself; I then can apply to the Nursing program I have my heart set out for this coming spring/fall semester. Thus, everything that I have planned for this year is absolutely time sensitive

I MUST find a job by the end of this month or the middle of the next. I MUST find a new apartment by the end of next month. May 31st is my cut off date. EVERYTHING must be in motion by then. 

So, on the new moon, I set that intention. Today is March 22nd. I had my first interview. It was great. If they decide time to go with me, I’ll have to complete a second interview via Skype being that I am so far away. I want to use this post to not only thank my Divine for hearing my intention and pushing energy in my favor. Also, to remind everyone that a little hope, and a fuck ton of hard work can pay off dramatically. Your Divine, your god, higher self, the universe…whatever you decide to call it, is always listening; and will help those who are willing help themselves. 

If you want something my loves, get off your ass and earn it. Your Divine is setting out the stepping stones. All you have to do is ask

So, to my Divine, my Guides, and my Angels. Thank you, for being there, even in the moments I thought you weren’t or didn’t even care. Thank you for being patient with me. I have not always been easy to work with, this I know. I am getting better. The sceptic in me will always remain alive, but as time goes on, you seem to find a way to prove that you are indeed on my side. 

Thank you, 


artist: Mia Araujo

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