Thursday March 22nd

I have completed 5 hours of my observation time with admin. So far, I’ve observed both of the boys. I’m not sure they understand how good they’ve got it here. All 5 of them are out the door at 4. None of them get here before 8. I have NEVER, ever worked for an administrator that kept those kind of hours. Ever. I asked both boys questions- I think Mike might leave, provided someone will offer him a job. I don’t think Killian is going anywhere. He said he wants go to to CO, but with the current super, that’s not happening. If Mike got a job somewhere, then I could be in the running for his job. I know Broderson would assume he was going to get it, though. I don’t understand why he’s not trying to get a job somewhere??? He is single- he has no reason that he even has to stay here- He’s stupid for not going to Jefferson- more money. I need to talk to him- find out what his thought process is on the whole deal. I still have to talk to the two girls and Ms Allison. I am genuinely interested in hearing about their career aspirations- the choices they are making and their reasoning. I would like to break the 6 figure barrier before I retire. I will have this degree by next summer. Maybe if I bust my ass all next year, one of the 4 will get another job and i will have a shot at being the replacement. The two deans would be crazy not to be trying to find another gig- if the money at the surrounding counties wasn’t so much lower, it wouldn’t be so hard to get a job. No one wants to leave here to make less money. 

Next year, I will be so much better in every way. I will be making a lot more money- this year I am getting paid on 59k base because I didn’t start until October. Next year, I will be on the whole 77216. That should make a huge difference. I am definitely not buying a house any time soon. I am going to wait until I get this degree and see how it all shakes out. I don’t want to buy a house until I give myself a chance to get an admin job. This summer there will be tons of jobs posted on the web site. I just have to be vigilant and check it every day. 

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