[228.1] ~*Fri – 03/23/18*~

[11:33 pm]

I just got out the tub and now I feel so hot. I’m almost tempted to go outside real quick to cool down. My hair also feels so darn long right now. I can’t wait to get it cut in two weeks. I like it at this length because I don’t need to straighten it every morning but gosh, it just feels so hot in the neck. Sometimes I want to let it grow but when it gets at this point I’m like, never mind, cut this.

Hub was able to have Easter off so we’ll be going to the in-laws for a surprise. I told sis we were going but not to tell anyone else. The lil one will be so happy. I can’t wait!

So this morning I was out of bed at 8 am (35 mins before my alarm) cause my belly was acting up due to the darn car. Hub got home and didn’t even take two mins to get the car unstuck. Blah! He then wanted to take the snowblower to clean where the car was but of course, he couldn’t get in the baby barn so he just went to bed.

I worked and then I tried the baby barn lock when I got home and guess what.. I got in. That husband of mine! I did have a hard time getting the key in the lock so I’m not sure if the bottom of the key hole is frozen or if the lock is broken. I’m hoping it’s just frozen so next time I won’t have a hard time cause now I’m scared I won’t be able to get it open again. I think I will buy a new lock just in case it’s the lock. I wanted to let it unlock and go buy a new lock tomorrow but I don’t trust it as we already got out tires stolen from the baby barn when the old lock wasn’t locking.

So yea, I took the scoop thing and cleaned the driveway where the car was and in front of the steps. I could of waited for hub to do it tomorrow with the blower but me being me, I want things done right away so I just did it. Making me exercise so that’s good.

Beside that, I did the dishes and took a nice bath. I wanted to put away the laundry but once again, I’m not gonna do it tonight. My client of tomorrow morning already cancelled so I can sleep in but I’m already tired so I don’t feel like doing any more work right now. I’ll be watching shows and playing on my farming game until I decide it’s time to head to bed and read a lil before sleeping.

For some reason I really, really like my nails right now. I wish I could keep them like they are. I just like the color and the length. I’m still having a hard time getting used to them cause I want to cut them so very badly but it wouldn’t look as nice if they were short. They are the perfect length to be painted right now. Wish I could stop them from growing so they would stay this length cause I know next week I’ll be cutting them cause they will be way too long for me and if I do cut them, I will be cutting them the shortest I can and not just the length they are right now. I still don’t know how I used to have “witch nails” like my mom used to call them.




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  1. Behind every good man is a strong woman whose able to pick locks and blow the snow away .. hehe .. I wonder if oiling the lock will help with the mechanics so its easier the next time?
    I relate with your nail post, I love keeping my nails painted but they grow so uneven I shorten them down again and again and again.
    I hope you had a lovely morning and have a great day ahead.

  2. @ Reflective_Echo; Thanks for the lovely comment. =) I was going to buy some lock de-icer but figured winter should be over real soon (it is supposedly spring after all) so I ended up not buying any. Hopefully I won’t have to get into the baby barn again until it’s time to get the lawnmower out. Hehe! My morning was spent sleeping so that was great. Wishing you all the best with your life!

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