[228] ~*Fri – 03/23/18*~

[1:21 am]

I still feel bleh about the car thing. It’s super silly! I hate how I let the smallest thing affect me. I have a feeling I’m gonna have a hard time falling asleep. It’s so late but I’ve just put my book away. Again, I just had to finish the book before sleeping.

I just took my pill and wish hub was here to cuddle. I’m still not a fan of him working over night. I just feel sad and depress right now and don’t really want to be alone but don’t have a choice. Maybe I should let the cats sleep with me tonight. I’m too lazy to get up to open the door. Maybe I should try to watch a show on my phone or tablet. I’m sure it would make me fall asleep. Maybe I should look at the TV. Gosh, I don’t even remember the last time I turned the TV on in the bedroom. I used to turn it on at night, mostly for the noise. It would help me sleep. Then of course, the doc tells you to get rid of the TV cause it might be why you’re having a hard time with your sleep. I think I stopped turning it on when I started taking my sleeping pills which is three and a half years ago. Wow! Time flies! But yeah, maybe I should of stuck with the TV thing.

Anyways, I should try to get some sleep as I only have seven hours left. I keep looking at the weather app, hoping the storm will last longer but it’s still 7 am. Bleh!




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