Friday March 23rd

I am going to stand firm in my current job. I am not going to move schools. I am only leaving this job for a promotion. If I have not gotten a promotion within the next 4 years, I am going to apply in Jefferson County. I will work there for my last 3 years, then I can retire. I can then do whatever I want- go be a hospital floor clerk again. Once I am in Jefferson, I will apply back in Fayette every year, but if I never get anything, I will retire at 55 and move on to another field. I think I should be able to get something in Jefferson just because it’s so big. I will not take an admin job to make less money than I am now. I am going to take team leader next year if Ms. Allison asks me to. I don’t want department chair. That sucks and I can’t stand my department. I guess based on what I know now about the admin staff here, the two admin deans are probably the only chance I have of taking a spot. My next door neighbor is bucking for admin, too. Ugh. I have been observing my admin staff and today she walked up to the ap and said she wanted to start observing her, and then flattered her on her technique with kids. Oy vey. She is not even taking a class right now! The line may be too long here for getting an admin spot. I do think Ms. Allison likes me, so that’s helpful. I have no idea what her thoughts are about the other two bucking for a job are, though. I just need to get my classes done and have a smooth, uneventful year next year. If she is going to let me have all 6th grade next year, that means you know who is going to have to move to 7th. If I get 7th, I am going to hate life. Even 8th would be better than 7th. 7th just has the WORST content. 

If I stay laser focused on getting a better job, surely to shit I will be able to get something. They are opening a new high school in Scott. Some people will leave to go there. We are getting a new middle in a few years. That will help, too. 

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