My ex and his time with my grandson…

There are days when if I told the tales of what my ex husband did that I’d be labeled as the crazy ex wife so it’s easier to say nothing and move on. My grandson participates in yoga, Kung Fu, Tball, Soccer, Basketball, and Swimming. Most of the sports are seasonal. My ex fusses that he does not get enough grandparent time. However, he refuses to take my grandson to his activities. He tells everyone that I set my grandson up with activities so he gets no time with him. These are activities my daughter and grandson want him in. I guess because I am the ex wife I am the excuse for when things does not go right in his life.

My daughter forgot about his Tball practices when she agreed for her dad, my ex to have my grandson all weekend with me picking up Scotty on Sunday. I reminded her of his practices. She contacts him about the practices. He doesn’t want to go to them as always. He was even offered to have him from after tonight’s practice thru the beginning of practice tomorrow. He’s like never mind let your mom (me) have him. I do not see why it’s so hard to meet Scotty at his level to spend time with him. As he gets older, his interests will change and I will have to meet him on his level.

I guess it’s another way for my ex to blame someone when he cannot spend time with his grandson on his terms. I don’t get it. I guess I just want to spend as much time with my grandson as I can even on his terms. I am even a Tball coach this year and I never was athletic.

Praying for guidance.

I would just love if we could all get along for the greater good for my daughter and grandson. I will definitely be praying for this. I know sometimes things are beyond our control, we can’t change people, but the greater question is how to deal with this situation as an honosrable caring graceful Christian would.

Maybe my question should be how does it want this to work? I will sit on this for a few days.

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