Seriously? Look after the neighbor?

My friend that lives a few blocks over befriended a woman in her neighborhood a few years ago. The woman has mental issues though and I had previously met her before. I was house sitting for my friend and the neighbor just invites herself in so to speak.

At one point the neighbor got aggressive because of her mental illness and my friend stopped talking to her. It was mutual. Now shes talking to her again and trying to help her. Which is fine if shes willing to.

Then I got a call from my friend saying she’d be gone all day and if I would come to her house in case the neighbor needed to talk because she cries and gets depressed. I’m not going to be her babysitter.I had very bad vibes about this woman a couple yrs ago.

How am I supposed to help somebody I hardly know? I have issues of my own? Then my friend started quoting scriptures to me to make me feel like I am doing something wrong. The Bible is not a weapon to make people feel bad. 

If you read my older posts you’ll see I tried to be friendly and talked to that neighbor a couple yrs ago. Then I had to lock the door and hide because she was scaring me.

My dog sensed something was not right. Anyway, I don’t look after strangers. Especially unstable ones. I don’t even know that I’m stable. 

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