You don’t care…

Have you ever been so in love with someone that you don’t care about the way they treat you? Have you ever been so in love that every time they hurt you, you think it’s your fault? I have!!!! It’s probably one the worst feeling i’ve ever felt. This person makes me smile but not as much as he makes me cry or hate myself. I have been so mind washed from my feelings for him that I don’t realize how much he’s hurting me. He doesn’t care about saying things in front of me about other girls or sleeping with girls. Hell he even told me that he never showed anyone any of the pictures he get’s but he does…. Finding that out really made me hate him. I couldn’t even look at him today. I love him but finding that out and all the other lies that he’s told really made me realize why i shouldn’t give a fucking about him. That I need to move on and find better. I know i’m not the prettiest girl from where i’m from but I would treat him so good. Probably way better then he’s ever been treated. But he’s not good for me so moving on  is probably the best thing for me

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