[229] ~*Sat – 03/24/18*~

[9:21 pm]

When I got up today, I wasn’t feeling too great. Felt like a very blah day. I just saw the world in grey. Right now, I feel super happy and in a good mood. I just caught up on some Lip Sync Battle and that show always makes me smile.

I just love how when I can sleep in the next morning, I always end up sleeping earlier than when I can’t sleep in. Lately I’ve been reading too much. I need to force myself to put the book away so I can get some sleep. Last night I could of read longer but I fell asleep. Bleh! That said, I slept for like 12 hours but I was still tired when I got out of bed. I had such a headache due to my sinus and I just had such a pressure around the nose area. I’m still having problem with mucus and puking. I’m currently not taking anything beside doing the saline spray every night before bed. I can’t wait to see the doc on Tue and really hope he can give me something else that will help. I’ve been thinking that I was getting better cause I wasn’t puking as much but I’ve been doing some puking in the past two days so looks like I’m not getting any better in the end. 

Today we went to see Pacific Rim Uprising which is not my type of movie at all. Couldn’t care less about it. You would think that since I had just slept 12 hours I would manage not to sleep during the movie. Nope! I kept closing my eyes and I’m pretty sure I fell asleep a few times.

While I was on my way to work, someone behind me honked and came beside my car and asked me to pull down my window. In my head I was just like “Gosh, what’s wrong now?!” The guy just wanted to let me know that one of my brake light was out. How nice! I’ll have to remember to stop somewhere to buy one on Mon, I was too lazy to do it tonight. I also wanted to get some sinus pills but didn’t do that either. I just don’t know what to take anymore so I will just wait until I see the doc.




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