Picture Perfect

March 11th – another year, a new Mother’s Day and I had the day off work, in fact I planned a week off annual leave to include my special day.

The weekend before my son had phoned: ‘What are you doing tomorrow?’ .. ‘I’m working’ .. ‘FFS, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow’ .. ‘No it’s not’ .. Lol

Five days later my phone lights up with a text from my son: ‘Would you like to go out for dinner on Sunday?’ .. ‘Maybe we could do lunch, mid afternoon time?’ ..

The following day my phone repeats the actions of yesterday: ‘I’m going to book a table for us all at Mascalzone’ .. a nice little Italian in our local town .. ‘Okay, that will be nice’ .. a few hours later .. ‘I’ve booked a table for 15.30’ .. ‘Perfect’.

Sunday dawns with a text from my daughter: ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ followed up with a conversation including .. ‘I’m going to meet you at the Turkish restaurant my brother’s booked’ .. ‘Hmm okay’ #Confused ..

My son arrives with his girlfriend, a decorative plant in a pretty tin and a big bottle of rose’ .. Small talk into the car for a trip to a venue that is definitely of the Turkish kind .. ‘What happened to the Italian?’ .. ‘It’s closed for refurbishment’ .. ‘Oh imagine how much money they must be losing on a day when mum’s everywhere are being treated by the thoughtfulness of their kids’ .. we go through the doors a little early but are seated straight away in the busy restaurant, settling we browse the drinks menu .. ‘oooh they do cocktails’ and I follow the girlfriend’s lead .. ‘Two pina colada’s and a 7up for my son who is driving please’ ..

I spy my daughter coming around the corner with her boyfriend perfectly on time and with a wave two cokes are ordered along with some food, ‘lamb shish for me’ .. my daughter presents me with a dotty gift bag, I can see my favourite chocolates and another bottle of rose’ of the cute size and ‘What’s this?’ .. I pull out a pretty white box with designer writing of descriptive silver words centred around a capital MUM all in the design of a heart .. ‘Oooh what’s this?’ .. opening the box I pull out a book and open it up to find my daughter had put together an album of picture memories from times we have shared both home and abroad .. ‘OMG, I love this’ the most perfect present ever!

‘We will have to take a photo of us all together’, I say to my son and his girlfriend, ‘I notice you’ve brought your selfie stick’ ..

We eat our food, drink our drinks before capturing the moment in time once, twice, five times ..

Bill paid, taking a drive, back to mine, coffee made, small talk ensues. My son leaves with his girlfriend .. my daughter stays awhile before leaving with her boyfriend.

I’m all alone with the final of my favourite show, warm feelings flush my face on the end of another Mother’s Day when I don’t feel so alone surrounded my cards and chocolate with wine and perfect memories.

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  1. Thank you for the comment. 🙂 I really appreciate your kind words and will try to take your advice about a little pampering time. It looks like you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I hope I can make my mom’s Mother’s Day special when it comes around in May. Have a beautiful Sunday!

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