[230] ~*Sun – 03/25/18*~

[10:22 pm]

I am so mad at myself right now. I just did something stupid on my farming game and it’s just getting me super upset and mad. They have this thing called “RC” that you get and can buy stuff with but it’s like super hard to get. Obviously you can buy some with real money but I refuse to spend money on this game. So anyways, I wanted to buy this one tree for a mission and ended up spending “RC” to finish the quest and not buy the tree. That said, I spent “RC” and didn’t even get the tree I thought I was getting. Arg! These “RC” are so damn hard to get and here I am wasting 10 of them for a stupid mistake. I just am so mad that I want to delete the game due to my stupid mistake. I’ve contacted the game support but I already know they won’t give me the tree cause it is sorta my mistake. Bleh! I never ever do the missions on this game cause I never have what they ask and I finally decided to go for it and try to do this one and this is what I do. So so mad!

Anyways, like I had said yesterday, when I should be sleeping I keep reading and when I could be reading, I fall asleep. Last night I just wanted to keep reading. I had to force myself to put the book down at 1 am as it was getting late and I needed to sleep.

Talking about reading. Fri when I was at Tim’s with a client I thought it was very cute. There was this man in his late 20’s-early 30’s just sitting there reading a book. I though it was sexy. Haha! How many time do you see a young man reading a book? 

I worked at the store today and once again, it went fairly quick cause I had a bunch of stuff to do. I managed to not ruin my nails which is a big miracle. The manager will more than likely be pissed off tomorrow cause the store isn’t face fronted as I didn’t have the time to be on the floor to clean. It used to be cleaning day on Sun but lately she keeps giving us these extra tasks to do so we don’t have time to clean. I’m one person only and I do what I can do. She also didn’t put me on for tomorrow night and she had told me she had last week. I won’t complain as I have the week off from the store with Sun being Easter. I just hope she didn’t think I needed tomorrow off as it’s next Mon that I need off. I left her a reminder that I need next Mon off and I also wrote it down on the calendar. I just have a feeling she will be pissed at me for some reason. Oh well!

Nothing exciting happened today which is sorta good cause I have enough excitement going on in my life. I’ve been watching some Catfish The TV Show (I love that show!) since I got home and playing on that darn farming game of mine. I really hope they will take pity and give me the tree but I really doubt. Maybe if I’d be spending money on the game but I don’t so yea, they won’t care about me.

Alright, time is flying so I should go take my bath now cause my body really needs it after a day at the store.




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