Saturday March 24th

I have a terrible headache again. Ugh. It has gotten progressively worse all day. I did get my resume and cover letter prepared and mailed for that state job today. We’ll see, I suppose. It is on a year to year basis. If I get it, I will do a kick ass job to try to keep it, obviously, but it would also give me the time to finish my principal degree. I could possibly never have to teach again. Even though I do like it some days, it is expensive and exhausting and doesn’t pay well. Shit, I would make more money simply by not teaching even with the same salary simply because I have to spend money every week buying pencils and glue sticks and colored pencils and Clorox Wipes and tissues, etc. The list goes on and on. If I want to have it, I have to buy it. I like the idea of having an office. That sounds really lovely. I could work normal hours and not work on the weekends. I would make about 18K more at the state job, I think. I would like to break the 6-figure barrier before I retire. That is my goal. 

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