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hey everyone

if the fact that i have signed in to this website like a month ago but i am only writing in it now doesn’t prove i’m lazy i don’t know what will

i’m a 24 years old girl who has no idea what she wants or what she wants to do in life,i am questioning every decision i made in the past espicially when it comes to my studies,i feel like i was just going with the flow,i didn’t know where i was heading or to be more accurate i didn’t know if i really could handle what i wanted to do,was i able to accomplish it or not

it’s very hard to make a decision when what you want to do isn’t compatible with what you can do,the more i live the more i seem to find less things i can do.

there is a part of me that believes that i can do it,if i can just find that place where i can be me,where i can show myself and people what i can do,a place where i know i’ll be treated like a humanbeing and not just like a nice,naive girl who’s taken advantage of.

in the real world you need to be confident and strong because no one will be there for you,if you don’t value yourself no one else will do it and it’s a lesson i learned the hard way and i’m still learning it.

the more i think about it the more i realize that what i really need is to work on myself  before anything else,maybe this whole feeling of loss is a sign that i need to work on my weaknesses and to toughen up.
















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  1. Dear Lost, You are right to work on having better self-esteem. I’m sorry you feel so confused. Do what you love. What do you love? Do that. Meanwhile, I’m going to go outside the box and recommend a book to you: The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson, it’s available on Amazon and also in Kindle on Amazon. Be sure to type in the authors’ name or you might get the wrong book. There is evidently another book or two with the same title. I hope and believe this short little book (easy to read) will help you. God bless you, dear.

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