Sunday March 25th

I thought I wrote yesterday? I haven’t done much today- or yesterday, either for that matter. I did my school assignment today. It was a super easy one- just one- writing and then commenting on one classmate’s writing. Hopefully my student loan will fund this week and I’ll be able to register for summer school. I will be 1/2 way through the program after I finish those 4 classes this summer. I am hopeful I will at least get an interview for the state job. There’s nothing else I can do at this point. If I don’t hear anything in two weeks, I will send an email to that same person and attach my resume to it. I would be so ecstatic if I could get that job. It would be SO much money, AND, it would put me in an excellent position to get an admin job once it ended. I cannot imagine that having that experience on my resume wouldn’t help me out. They haven’t been posting the fcps jobs until May the last few years. I wish they still did it the week after spring break. Oh well. The best thing for me to do if I don’t get hired by the state is to stay put, finish my degree, and get my tenure back. I don’t know if I have a shot at getting an admin position at my current school. I would really like that if I could- I do love that population, but I think there are too many people ahead of me- I honestly have no idea how Ms. Allison feels about any of those people, or if she would even consider them- or me for the openings should one occur. If Timoney gets a promotion, she may just stick with one fewer admin- the same for Hale. Clearly Ms. Green has no reason to leave. She’s already been king of the mountain and is on the other side now. Powell may just want to stay with them- if Timoney leaves, she may get his job. I would like to talk to her and find out if she wants her own school at some point. I’m excited about my career plans- and that’s really a good thing. I am not going to buy a house for two years. I am going to pay off my loan, first of all, and I will have next year’s tax money to add to my savings, and I might have a higher salary by then if I get a better job. All reasons to wait to buy. Besides the fact that I don’t even know where I’ll be working, anyway. 

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