10:09 pm

Well now i’m involved in a sexual harassment scandal at work, so that’s great. someone told hr that sam slapped my ass at work and took a picture of sarah’s ass and sent it to the LEMP girls. so now i have to meet with feliz tomorrow at 9 am. and i’m a little worried that sam is going to be there too because roman told me that sam told him he has a meeting tomorrow too. i’m just annoyed because feliz didn’t tell me that he’s going to be there. i’m going to have ally ask sam if he’s meeting tomorrow, and what time, so that i can email feliz back and tell her that i would rather meet in private with her. 

i also got really drunk last night, but it was impromptu. me and kilene drank like 5 or 6 shots and then went to her friend’s boyfriend’s house concert. after that we went back to morgens and hung out with the boys for a little bit, and kilene tried to get gavin to kiss me. he just said “we’ll see how it goes” and winked at her so i don’t really know what that means. i’m supposed to go back next weekend though with adam, so i guess we’ll see. 

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