[231] ~*Mon – 03/26/18*~

[4:36 pm]

I’m so smart yet so dumb. The other day I was telling my friend how someone stopped me to tell me I had a brake light that was out. That said, I told her I’d get it fix at the garage with my oil change. She said I should do it myself as I’d be paying them to change something that’s easy to change. Fair enough! I asked hub to change it tomorrow but then when I got home, I had to do it myself cause it’s just how I am. Not even thinking, I just straight up changed the one that was on my trunk but then I started thinking “Maybe this isn’t the right one?! Maybe the brake light is the other one?!” Darnit! I called my friend and she was like “Was the bulb black?!” Duh! “I’m not sure?!” So yea, of course I have to check online AFTER I changed the bulb to see where the brake light was located and of course, I changed the wrong one. Pfft! So I went back out, re-changed the one I had just changed (glad I hadn’t thrown out the bulb) and changed the right one which was indeed black cause it was burned out. Blah! Here I thought I was being smart changing the bulb myself but of course I had to do it wrong. Now I just hope I didn’t screw up both lights that I touched. I hate how you can’t test it yourself cause you can’t brake and go see the back of your car. I was almost tempted to put down my phone and record a video of me braking to see if it worked. Haha! I didn’t have anything to put my phone on and didn’t wanted to put it in the snow so I guess I will have to wait tomorrow morning when we bring to car to the garage as hub is currently sleeping. So I’m proud of myself for doing it myself but not quite 100% cause I’m not sure I did the right thing yet. On the video I checked online it also said to wear gloves so you wouldn’t put your hand grease on the bulb which I totally didn’t do so I just hope I didn’t screw up both bulbs. If that did screw them up which I doubt but at worse if it did, I’ll just have to buy more and change them again.

This morning I was expecting a cancellation which I didn’t get. I felt very tired. I was on my way to my client when the office called. I was sure it was a late cancel but for some reason she was just asking me if I was picking up the client this morning. I picked her up and then she wanted to go back home, she wasn’t feeling alright. That said, it was 9:30 am and I had a break till noon. I could of came back home and go for a nap but decided to go get my friend and we went to the Casino for brunch instead of going this evening. I played mom’s free $5 and didn’t get anything so I played $5 of my own money and nothing. Crazy! I just can’t win this year. I was normally pretty good at turning that $5 into $20 so then it would at least pay for our food but since 2018 started, nothing. I keep wanting to go to Jack’s to try my luck there but I’m staying away.

My last client cancelled and I’m not working at the store tonight so I’m home and not sure what I’m doing. I should take advantage of being home to get some cleaning done but I just don’t want to be doing anything. I’m so darn lazy! I can’t really sleep in tomorrow cause I have a doc’s apt at 10:45 am so I will try to go to bed not too too late tonight. I also need to get a shop done tomorrow.

I  kinda feel like it’s too early to be home. Maybe I should of waited and went to the Casino this evening instead of this morning. Oh well!




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