On Saturday, I sent my ex husband a single text message offering him time with his grandson. I did not receive a reply. My daughter asked me yesterday to send him a message today to find out if he is getting his grandson on Friday. He still has not replied today. I will wait till tomorrow to try to call. For example if he had agreed to the 24 hours for ball practice originally, he would have had his grandson for 48 hours because practice was canceled Saturday due to weather. It’s a shame that his temper tantrum of not seeing his grandson on his terms results in a loss of time. As kids get older, one has to meet them where they are to spend time with them. Kids aren’t overly exciting to sit in an apartment for 2-3 days with only being able to watch TV. I guess his temper tantrum is so effective in wanting to spend time with his grandson but results in more lost time. Of course, he doesn’t see what the issue is. I guess he may or may not respond to the text message. After my attempt tomorrow, I am not trying and I will make plans for my grandson to have fun on Good Friday.

My daughter is bi. Her ex girlfriend has helped parent my grandson since he was in diapers. His dad has been in and out. He parents when he feels like it. He told my grandson recently that my daughters ex girlfriend is not a parent. Amazingly, she’s been more of a parent then my grandsons biological sperm donor. It’s a shame that he didn’t know those words would be so hurtful. Regardless of how I feel about the ex girlfriend, I reassured my grandson that his “parent” loves him. She might not be a birth parent but she chose to be his parent because she loves him so much. This made him happy.

It is sad when someone’s own selfishness hurts a child because of their own self gratification. I’m a firm believer when dealing with a child that one puts their needs and wants on the back burner while putting the needs and wants of their child first.

I am blessed that I got to spend that time with my grandson which included watching him practice Tball, getting muddy at the the playground, making a chickie, participating in church, smashing Easter Eggs in the backyard with his baseball bat, and practicing his golf swing in the backyard. I love the joys of grand parenting while meeting him were he is.

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