I asked him about the bf/gf thing again.   He still refuses to call me his girlfriend yet wants me to call him boyfriend.   All he calls me is his gal.  He claims he’s still hurting from his last relationship that ended 4 months ago.  I don’t know what to think. 

He hasn’t left the room but once in the last 2 weeks. Everyone keeps telling me to get rid of him.  I’ve asked him to leave several times and he refuses and I can’t have him arrested until or unless he does something wrong.   I’m not going to lie on him. 

He promised he would take me out for some real food and has backed out of that.   He was going to fill my gas tank up and he backed out of that.  He wanted to go on a major grocery hall and he’s backed out of that.  He’ll barely spend $10 at dollar tree for food for both of us. I’m diabetic and have to eat.  Every time I try to say something about it he just rolls his eyes. 

He won’t even let me talk.  I start to say something and he jumps in and talks over me and tells me to let him finish.  What the hell kind of man does that to the woman he cares about?

All he cares about is beer and alcohol.  I’m afraid to leave the room alone.   The man in the next room keeps his door open 24/7 and leers at me like he wants to rape me.  He parks so close to my car that I can’t get in it.  Ian won’t do anything about it until after he hits my car and rapes me.  Not to mention Ian said he was going to fill my gas tank up and he won’t even do that.  All he’ll put in is $10 worth and then runs it all out of the  car within 2 days.  I just don’t understand what is wrong with him?  Why does he tell me he cares so much about me and doesn’t want to share me with anyone and then go back on his promises.  He swears he doesn’t but he does.  He did thank me this afternoon and admitted that I had done a lot for him and put up with a lot out of him and he said thank you and hugged me.

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