3/27 lol Just love when brokers strike

D my husband the truckdriver the other half of our Owner/Operator self employment lol got loaded a bit ago. has 2 deliveries. One we found the other well that’s a toss up it’s either in MO a whole bunch of miles away or it’s in IL a whole bunch of miles away… he says nope gotta be a lot closer to B****** than that since I’m reloading out of __ _____. mmmm ok. well guess I’ll finish my daily paperwork another time [like tomorrow lol]


besides that doing laundry, 1 load in dryer other in washer and his socks soaking hopefully they end up white white again We’ll see.


Weather wise it’s dreary cloudy looks like it could rain any moment. will be so glad to have warmer weather and yea I know once it gets like 79+ I’ll be fussin about it being to hot but I’m weird would rather be to hot than to flippin cold. 

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  1. wow didn’t know if anyone would recognize it

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