Can someone help me

How does this place work? I’m writing from my phone and I don’t see a reply to my notes slash comments button. It’s also doing that Open Diary thing where I can’t combine words. Like I can’t says can’t unless I manually do it and end up having to say cannot instead.

How do I add multiple pictures? Or can I add the URL like I did on Prose Box? 

Either way it’s good to have a place to go to. I was freaking out. Where am I going to write down my poison?

I write to get it out of me. I usually feel better after that since I don’t have any friends. I mean, I do, but how many times have you called up a friend to vent on? Or told them about your problems? It’s different as as adult. It’s also easier to talk to a girl than it is a guy, unless it’s girl related.

I still need to download my Prose Box.

I’ve been talking to this girl that I met via Craigslist when they had the missed connections section. I think I posted in the strictly platonic section. I was expecting a catfish but she turned out to be a real person.

I know one thing, I’m not going back to Open Diary. They said that my entries were deleted by me. I never did that! I had them set to private when the site went down. I bet it was that fat fuck bitch Andrea that did it. Lifetime members got to help test the site and such and I wouldn’t put it past her deleting my shit since I always talked about her. Fat fuck that only posts pictures of her face because the rest of her is huge. 

That’s my theory. So they won’t get my money. Plus this red, white and black theme is pretty cool. A little bright for my old eyes but it’ ddoable.

Now how do I had more photos to my entries and YouTube videos? Anyone? 

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