dammit…it always seems to go this way

Well hell.

A friend I met at a site I keep a journal at, found this other one called Prosebox, it was totally outrageous, in the fact that you could have “boxes” which are “books”…and you could mark your journal down for “friends only” sort of setting or even private (for yourself).  I really loved it.  A truly neat site.  Many “Open Diary” folks, when it went down, went to PB.  Then OD came back and not very many at PB went back, cuz they felt fucked-over.

The dude who runs PB redid the whole damn system lately.  I haven’t noticed a big difference, so it must be the system itself updated.  That was,oh, about a month or so ago.

Then this afternoon: the guy leaves a notice that PB is shutting down soon. Can I saw “of fuck!”  This shutting down has pissed off a lot of people.  I mean I wasn’t at OD, so I don’t feel doubly fucked over because of this.  Then some see a conspiracy going on, between OD and Prosebox.

Either way, I’m fucking pissed off. I don’t want to go back to the site I had been at for ten years.  I wanted to change to another site, one which was better…did that when I changed over to PB…and now?  Damn site is shutting down.

Now I gotta find a new place, again.  Hope it is more like Prosebox than what I’ve seen already.

Ok, how fucked over can people feel?

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