Down in flames, again.

Well here we go again.  I know things don’t last forever but dang it this is like the 4th or 5th site that has gone down in flames.  I’ll try it here and see.  I don’t write a whole lot but I do read friends every day.  I have made some good friends over the last few  years and hope to make more.  

Lets see I guess I should start at the beginning.  I am a 41 yo women living in Tn.  Married for 11 years to a trucker who thank God is home every night.  I am the momma to 3 four legged babies.   I hope to find friends from Prosebox and to make new ones.  

6 thoughts on “Down in flames, again.”

  1. whew got you finally. Funny how some of us are so tight knit you and I and MJ are all from ITW days lol and here we are 4 diaries later thank Heavens for FB huh?

  2. yes. I have a few on there that doesn’t do the diary any more that I can keep up with from there.

  3. Secret Keeper is still around but no where near as often as she use to be, Even Robin Wentz seems to have stop doing many entries or she’s went more private from me not sure which it was lol. Do you remember that one lady that use to comment on me that had 3 kids Marcia, Nyla and Jonathan she simply disappeared

  4. Hi fancy finding you on here I wish this place had a friends only feature

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