safe and better

Hey there,

This is my first ever journal on this site, and I’d like to start it off with how I’m feeling today.

I think I’m safe to say that I am now feeling much better than before, for the past few weeks and months. After hoping for something that wasn’t there, I’ve finally learned to let it go (slowly). I’m over the guy I thought I loved. Today I saw his Instagram post of his new GF, just felt that I had to congratulate him ( I don’t expect a reply and that’s ok). It seems as though all this while he’s been coping fine, while I was left picking up pieces. It’s time to put our past behind, where none of it matters anymore. I was reckless, stubborn to keep it in my thoughts and now it no longer bothers me and I am thankful for that. 

The only thing I wish for this guy is to not break her heart, the way he had broken other people’s hearts 



2 thoughts on “safe and better”

  1. Any chance I can see that photo? Is she better looking? That’s usually what I think but my ex found an ugly guy that’s rich. Money makes anyone look good.

  2. Too many people get angry and bitter over the end of friendships/relationships and I think it’s great that you’re able to concentrate on yourself and simply be civil.

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