for those of you just joining us. er i mean me. and for those who…





um so on PB I……..blogged about. that I. going from the most recent to well. not:

-was going through withdrawl. Day 6 started almost an hr. ago. it’s now 11:50 p.m.

-before that. i had gone 6 months w/o a drink from aug./sept. – feb.

-today was 10 wks. since my concussion. er is I mean it is. 10 wks. 2 months/2 wks. 2.5 months.

-discovered something about my ex’s reply when we were talking about the sex abuse one day. his reply when i’d told him i was angry about it was ‘don’t be’ or something like that. um ok. wow.

-i’ve been talkin via fb to this guy Matt i know from my days in boarding school. he’s from TN.

-i um. i didn’t have a great night on the 24th. whenever that was.

-i’ve been dealing w/ the effects from the TBI [concussion] back in jan.

-on the 20th at my dental it was discovered i had 2 cavities.

-i got my period.

-i wrote something new on the 19th. [oh i’m a writer btw.].

-on the like 9th there was a house meeting.


and that’s just been in March.




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