Maximising potential

S hasn’t contacted me since L sent him snaps of us in his car. At the time he’d joked about whether they could switch places but no interest has been shown. 4 days and counting. I’m preoccupied anyway, but I do hope he’s enjoying himself. 

L on the other hand… We are still speaking every day and yesterday I compiled a list for him of things that I like and things I would want to try – sexually. As predicted he told me that he’d done them all but would happily have a re-run with me. I’m hesitant to call a cheating man ‘nice’ but he definitely has a soft side. We’re all human, I suppose. I just never imagined a casual, sexual relationship with a family man to turn into such a weird but honestly good friendship. I realise that men are nice to the women they are sleeping with but I also understand that they don’t have to be. 

As for my actual boyfriend… his sex drive has rocketed. Thanks to the photos of me getting myself off in L’s car. Funnily enough didn’t send him the ones where I was giving head but all in good time. We have sex last night and 

I don’t know if this arrangement is going to work but it seems to be helping for now. I, at least, have the best of three worlds. 

Let’s just hope I get a pay rise soon too. 

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