Meet Wikkus aka Wikki

Hey folks 

For all you cat owners and cat fans around here is my cat Wikki but his real name is Wikkus. He is a very much a big part of my life. 

His photo is above this entry 

Wikki shares a you tube channel with my late old cat Scampie it’s called the Wikki and Scampie show feel free to watch their videos and to subscribe . And  if you have Facebook Wikki also has his own Facebook page called Wikkuschronicles. Finally Wikki can be found on Instagram called its_the_wikkus_files  

My cat Wikki was once again picked to be king of the week for the third time since last year. He can be found at The website is run under several languages so Wikki was picked to be king of the Polish site aka king of Poland. Last year Wikki was picked to be King of the week for the UK and Dutch aka the Netherlands all on the above website. 


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