Newbie From Prosebox

So, here I am (along with several other PBers I see!). It may take me a minute to get the hang of this one but it seems fairly simple. 


For my PB friends, my name there was Key & Collar. Now, let’s get this posted and see who I can find on here, lol!

2 thoughts on “Newbie From Prosebox”

  1. Well look who. Am I your first commenter? No “private comment” option, and what’s with the sharing on Twitter and FakeBook? Oh no no no… We’ll see.

  2. You have to link your stuff for those buttons to work. If you didn’t then they won’t work. Under the my profile tab where you can edit your name and such. Don’t want to share, don’t put in your Facebook and such. It’s just for people who want it I guess.

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