Privacy at risk @ GoodNight Journal

The sun just dawned on GoodNight Journal for many of us with the news of ProseBox going down soon, and not wanting to go back to Open Diary for any number of reasons… And you know?  After less than a day on the site, I think it might already be time to say, “goodnight” to GoodNight Journal.

PRIVACY FYI:  Your email is on display if you “edit” a note that someone left–why you can even do such a thing is not something I can comprehend, changing someone’s comments, but I digress…  You can even select the option to email someone… in both circumstances, a pop-up box comes up and is prefilled with the diarist’s email address and sometimes full-name.  

Example, I click edit on a note that fictional diarist, ProseBoxIsDead left on my fictional entry.  The fields suggest the email comes from the site’s admin, which it does, but above that it shows whatever ProseBoxIsDead has their email set up as… so I learned today that fictional user, ProseBoxIsDead is in fact:

Constance Silverthorn (

You may not care if you have a “junk email” address for such things, but if you’re a one email kind of person… No, even still… do you just want any random GoodNight Journal person emailing you?  “Hi Constance!”

I don’t think I’m overreacting.  I’ve written to the admins of the site using the contact thing… I won’t be writing here any further, I don’t think.  It’s either write entirely privately or have an awkward messaging interface that gives anyone your email address.  

Another site I’m looking at is:

It seems VERY quiet, but then so was PB.  

Below is the only thing they say about “privacy.”  

Goodnight. /TMO


Privacy for my journal.

You will have an option to choose your each journal to be private or public. The default setting in your personal diary is private but you can always change it by clicking the edit button on your Read page. This site is built on WordPress and private journals are protected by WP’s content visibility. This site does not have multiple editors or administrators.

3 thoughts on “Privacy at risk @ GoodNight Journal”

  1. RTYN I got a email saying that I got a note. And I think if you click the notify me button under the comment box it means when say you comment on here I’ll get an email. Sort of like when I get a Note on an entry. I get an email.

  2. I came here to say something, and then forgot as soon as I read this posting. I was worried about the Facebook Share and tweet buttons and was going to look into what those were about…but reading this…makes me feel like this isn’t the place for me. I created an account at digital expressions yesterday. I’ll have to check that place out more. Thanks for the info!

  3. RYN: I’m suddenly having flashbacks of OD when you had to go to someone’s journal and type RYN. Hehe. Anyway, thanks for the info again! Good to know. I did see that there are folks who are interested in keeping PB around. Fingers crossed it works out. I’d rather stay there. 🙂 I do have a lifetime account at OD, but am very aware that at any moment Bruce could decide to shut it down again, so I haven’t really wanted to move back.

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