Testing this out…

I mean, I might as well have three online journals, right!?


Note if you’re from PB or OD!


*** Edited to add:  I will probably be sticking with Open Diary.  This journal does not have the privacy options or community that has already been built, albeit haphazardly, over at OD.  (You can see there is a link to share this on social media at the bottom of this very post, which is definitely not something I’m ok with)… so, this is my notice.  You’ll find me at OD! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Testing this out…”

  1. I’m from both (ha)… trying to find a new home.

  2. I am here from OD and PB. I am not giving Bruce one red cent. This place looks promising.

  3. I am here from both OD and PB. And before that MDD!

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