Broke out in a rash on my left thigh, and ankles.  It’s horrible there are small little raised bumps.  Like an allergic reaction to something.  Thought it was my dog sleeping on my bed but why is it around my ankles, and I remember my socks feeling itchy.  Gots to be soap.  The rash on my left thigh I think started from a fresh panty I put on.  I think it looks better today?

WTF happened.  After monday things seem to be falling into wrong places.  There.  I rearranged my feng shui to change the atoms around me. 

Today was a trip because this morning it went awry.  Got it fixed and handled.  And thought I was clever killing 2 birds with 1 stone.  So much for that.  It didn’t turn out good.  I am mad.  He is mad.  But we don’t want to fight.  I am still sad about the passing. 

I wish for positive and serene vibes.  Peace and good thoughts.  Relaxation and productive thoughts.  No negative.  No bad thoughts.  Resisting those vibes.

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