03/28/2018 – boiling over

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L and E butted heads tonight, hard.

They had an informal week on, week off schedule. Nothing was court binding, so at any time they could call bullshit and I was just waiting for that day to come.

And it was today.

The verbal agreement stated that pick up/drop off was to be on Mondays. Except this Monday, E had told me she was at the hospital for high blood pressure and had a bad anxiety attack, she will come by Tuesday to pick R up. Tuesday comes and she says that she’s still in the hospital for another night because the doctor wants to keep her for observation. Wednesday, today, comes and she says that L and I are going to keep her. Thirty seconds later, she’s saying that her mother will meet me at the grocery store and is helping her out with her children. I asked to her to clarify which is actually happening, because otherwise we’re keeping her until April 9th, per the handshake saying they agreed to week on week off. But I also tell her to talk with L about the schedule, because I’ll be at work tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday and won’t be around to pick Rayden up.

And she flips her shit. She doesn’t want to talk to or see L because of her blood pressure problems. I think it’s a load of shit, he’s the father of the child and they need to learn how to communicate with each other for the sake of their daughter.

She said she was coming over at 7pm, when R was finished with dinner. She came over and someone let her into the building because she started pounding down my door (which actually scared both kids, who had no idea what was going on). L went outside to talk to her and they both were yelling and screaming at each other, disturbing both R and A even further.

Eventually the cops were called on them and I’m not sure of how their conversations went, but ultimately R stayed with us tonight. R didn’t seem to mind being with us for a longer stay yet, in fact she told me afterwards that she thought her mother was scary and wanted to stay with her daddy. After things calmed down some here, the kids had a bath and went to bed after reading their latest favorite books (“How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?” for A and “Fergus Goes Quackers!” for R). Shortly after turning the lights out, they each were passed out too.

Meanwhile, I’m sure that E is still stewing so I messaged her saying that she can have R on Monday but I will pick her up Thursday because we have plans for her birthday that we will absolutely not cancel. I don’t want to deny her time spent with her daughter, because E can do that well enough on her own. As of now, she’s accepted my peace offering. L texted her with the same idea and she’s said “okay” to both of us. She and L will meet with each other in two weeks as to continue the unofficial week on/week off schedule or revert to the court ordered 3-4-4-3 schedule. My position being stuck in the middle seems to maybe be slowly be phased out =) thank you Zeus!!

Now L’s staying up because of adrenaline, because he needs to watch over the place and make sure no one pulls any stunts from E’s camp. I don’t think she’d try anything yet, at best she would in a few days, if at all.

Now we wait, until the saga continues on Monday…

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